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First released at 8:00pm on Thursday  1st July 2021
This was our 39th #SeedsofCreativity radio show, with Maria & Russell

Channelling Your Inner Tortoise - Carl Honoré

  • Carl is a bestselling author, broadcaster and the voice of the Slow Movement. His two main-stage TED Talks have racked up millions of views.
  • Carl travels the world to deliver powerful keynotes that put time and tempo in a whole new light. His counter-intuitive message is simple but game-changing: To thrive in a fast world, you have to slow down.
  • He will be sharing practical approaches to slowing down as well as sharing moments from his ‘30 days to slow’ book. I can speak from experience after attending his bootcamp that it is a great starting point to living a slower and more meaningful life as well as introducing small moments which can make a huge difference. 

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