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A series of five podcasts commissioned by Hyve, the organisers of Bett for Russell Prue to bring you the inside information you need to enjoy every opportunity that Bett2024 provides.

This is the first occasion for sometime for Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda and Russell to work together,
Maria and Russell are co-hosting Bett Radio.  They'll both be broadcasting live each day at 2:00pm from their show-floor studio space at Bett .

In this Episode Russell Prue chats to;

Louisa Hunter - Bett Show Director
Dr Neelam Parmer - Chief Digital Officer | Online Education | Professional Learning
Myles Pilling - AccessAbilty

Topics covered in this episode, what's new at Bett2024, free ticket deadline, other tickets available and the compelling reasons that bring folks to the show each year.  Neelam talks about AI, the potential impact and harm it could bring with enhanced photographic manipulation and the challenges to Humanity.  Myles talks to Russell about the new BATA SEND video that will be dropping around 6th of October.  The Power of AT, three separate videos that outline the challenges and demonstrate some of the solutions for assistive technology .

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